Special Issue: Critical Infrastructure Protection
Special issue: Critical Infrastructure Protection

Guest Editors: Aleksandra Gasztold, Gordan Akrap

We invite you to submit articles for the special issue of the Security and Defence Quarterly devoted to Critical Infrastructure Protection. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically transformed global society and has caused the growth of hybrid (including cyber) and terrorist threats. Many entities that never considered themselves as critical infrastructure (CI) are now being classified as such, which has led to a significant change in re-assessing the dimensions of critical infrastructure systems. CI is essential for providing vital economic and social functions like health, food, security, transport, energy, information and communication systems, and financial services. The disruption or destruction of CI elements would have a significant impact on the functioning of the state, society and its citizens. Therefore, there is a need to reduce the vulnerabilities by strengthening the security and resilience of vital infrastructures. Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) covers physical, technical, personal, information and communication technology, as well as legal regulations. CIP can not only reduce the risk of disruptions during crises such as the current pandemic, but also strengthen resilience in the future. Our intention is to identify the main threats (present and future) to CI and to address the necessary steps for implementation of proven frameworks and best practices in order to prevent the negative influence of those threats to CI, state and society.
We invite you to submit articles which are devoted to the following topics:
• Systems of early warning signal identification, detection, disruption, and preparation for threats and hazards to CI.
• Resilience strategies and operational planning in CI.
• Implementation of public administration tasks in the field of critical infrastructure protection (CIP).
• The protection of CI against terrorist attacks, ecotage, economic espionage, and hybrid threats.
• International and regional cooperation in the field of CIP (networks, groups, good practices and road-maps).
• Interoperability between critical infrastructure sectors on the national level.
• Security audit of CI facilities.
• Organisational information security culture in CI.
• “Next generation” of national CIP capabilities.

Manuscript submission
Manuscript length should be no longer than 5000 to 8000 words, including abstract, references, and tables; it should be formatted and submitted per standard policies and procedures of the
Security & Defence Quarterly: https://securityanddefence.pl/Guide-for-authors,1479.html

To submit a manuscript, please go to https://www.editorialsystem.com/sdq and select Special Issue “Critical Infrastructure Protection”. All submissions are subject to standard peer review, revision, and re-submission processes.

Deadline for submissions of full articles: 30 October 2021
Expressions of interest, questions, and submission of proposals:
Prof. Dr. Gasztold: a.gasztold@uw.edu.pl
Asst. Prof. Akrap: gakrap@yahoo.de