Armaments used in the Ukrainian conflict 2014–2015
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Ministry of National Defence, Republic of Lithuania
Online publication date: 2017-06-23
Publication date: 2017-06-30
Security and Defence Quarterly 2017;15(2):54-84
The development of events in Ukraine at the end of 2014 led to the outbreak of armed fighting in Donbas, where virtually all kinds of land forces’ arms were used, not only of Soviet or Russian production but also the latest ones and armaments that had been previously withdrawn from operation. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the armaments used during the fighting in the Donbas region, innovations in weaponry and tactics in the period from April 2014 to the middle of February 2015. The study is based on the qualitative analysis of primary source materials from photographs and video clips available in free circulation as well as information shared in online forums (particularly Russian ones) and unstructured interviews with the participants of those events. The findings of the study pertain to the kinds of Soviet and Russian land forces’ armaments in a real combat situation as well as the tactics involved in using them.
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Col. Dmytro Kobec's presentation at the conference in Tartu on 27 january 2015.
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Don’t forget that the events in Maidan just finished and internal troop formations were behind a different side of the barricade...
Lt.Gen. Sergey Kultchystki, the chief of National Guard Department of combat and special training, died in a helicopter crash after it was shot down by separatists in Donbas on 29 May 2014.
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Cloudiness dominates in Donbas from October to April. The ceiling of clouds amounts to 300m.
retrieved from Міністерствo оборони України,; Сколько танков в Вооруженных силах Украины? часть 1, LIVEJOURNAL, 29.07.2014, https:// [accessed: 20.08.2015].
In the initial period of fighting, the Ukrainian side tried using air forces. However, it soon appeared that separatists had well organised air defence systems at their disposal. The Ukrainian combat losses from April to the end of August 2014 amounted to 19 aircraft, 18 of which were lost during missions. Despite this, 17 helicopters were damaged and needed to land, 10 retreated after being damaged at airports. High losses and lack of effectiveness in operation eliminated Ukrainian air forces from the battlefield. M. Gawęda, Ukraińskie lotnictwo w wojnie o Donbas, Magnum-X, Lotnictwo 11/2014, artykul/ukraiskie-lotnictwo-w-wojnie-o-donbas [accessed: 30.05.2015].
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The authors were acquainted with two other systems, according to their constructors not worse than GIS-ARTA at Arms and Security exhibition (Kiev 11-14.10.2016).
After a certain time it was revealed that AT-7 after a shot stopped reacting to operator’s commands. The reason could be either its improper storage or lack of operator’s skills.
Available since 2013. A characteristic feature – laser-guided missile, the operator cannot move during its flight. There are no cases of combat use.
In service since 2011. One video shows its use in battles at Donetsk airport. A special feature – semi-automatic by laser beam guided system, no thermos-vision channel.
In service since 2011, it is a modification of Mi-24. It is mounted on remotely controlled turrets in BTR-3E, BTR-4, BTR-7..
Ukrainian – Byelorussian construction, actively promoted on foreign markets.
Speech of the representative of Ukraine 2015 June 15 d at the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction http://www.apminebanconvention...- June15/2e_COOPERATIVE_COMPLIANCE_COMMITTEE_Ukraine.pdf.
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Missing a target by guided anti-tank missiles might result from poor operator training but also there are statements that it might be due to electronic warfare assets used by separatists.
Mi-24 helicopter pilots, who were shot down on 4.06.2014 had such mobiles, which worked out because probable radio emission could have been promptly located by separatists. The pilots manged to return.
Surveying Emerging Network Approaches for Military Command and Control Systems
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