Contemporary threats to the state air defence system
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Polish Air Force Academy, Dęblin, Poland
War Studies University, Warsaw, Poland
Publication date: 2016-06-30
Security and Defence Quarterly 2016;11(2):45-69
The contents of this article are focused on presenting the results of research concerning development of the means of air threat as a major determinant of changes in the modernisation of the air defence system in Poland. In this regard, the authors emphasise the role and means of air threat as a kind of pacemaker development of air defence systems. In this article, the main area of scientific considerations are technical and tactical aspects concerned with the evolution of manned and unmanned aircraft. The directions of their development of combat capabilities and an estimate of their use in contemporary and future battlefields against military objectives and non-military ones are covered. The article has high educational value and highlights future threats to the state air defence system and development trends in the twenty-first century.
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