Adaptation of the Czech Republic Defence Policy Lessons Learned
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University of Defence, Brno, Czech Republic
Publication date: 2015-03-31
Security and Defence Quarterly 2015;6(1):15-28
Since the end of 1989 defence policy of the Czechoslovakia and after its dissolution in 1993 defence policy of the Czech Republic has been permanently adapted to the challenges of the new political reality and evolving strategic environment. Political reality reflected the revolutionary shift in political system aiming at the development of modern democratic state. Challenges coming out from the strategic environment could be characterised by its growing dynamics, complexity, unpredictability and uncertainty. This article highlights some of the remarkable achievements in this two and half decade lasting transitional endeavours and underscores some of the most important lessons learned related to defence policy formulation, defence strategy implementation, defence planning, defence resource management and acquisition.
The White Paper of Defence was approved by the Governmental Resolution of 18th May 2011, Nr. 369.
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