Contemporary challenges in military logistics support
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War Studies University, Management and Command Faculty
Online publication date: 2018-09-20
Publication date: 2018-09-30
Security and Defence Quarterly 2018;20(3):85–98
Nowadays, the most important factors that cause global market activity and have a big influence on logistics processes are: globalisation and rapid development of new technologies. In that environment, military logistics are operating incessantly alongside the supply of goods in times of war, peace and crisis. These logistics are focused on finding solutions for being more effective and economically profi table. Because of this, logisticians try to reduce costs and supply good faster, as well as trying to provide the right quality and service.. The current challenges in military logistics support have changed. The biggest challenge for all logistics processes is to provide services according to the 7R formula (right time, right product, right quantity, right condition, right place, right customer, and right price). A logistics leader is important for every operational mission. Thanks to the leader making quick and smart decisions, successful termination of a mission is possible.

The article is based on the example of logistics support for the Polish contingent in Kosovo. In the light of the above, the aim of the article is to identify and estimate the situation of military logistics. The research problem is as follow: What are the biggest determinants of logistics processes in military area?
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