Special Issue on Security Education

Special Issue: Call for papers

The need for security has always accompanied man. Formerly, it referred mainly to the ability to counter external threats, most often associated with military activities. However, due to the development of civilisation and the new challenges arising from it, the meaning of the term security has expanded and has ceased to be associated solely with the armed forces. In the 21st century, the ability to deal with various threats that do not have the characteristics of typical military threats is much more important. In addition, the development of science, technology and industry has caused an increase in the number of factors directly threatening human health and life, while the progressive degradation of the natural environment has brought about numerous ecological threats. Developing the ability to cope with these changing conditions has become a priority task for the authorities and institutions of national security, including the education system and, in particular, education for security. In the educational process, which not only affects the attitudes, values, knowledge and skills of an individual necessary to prevent or deal with hazards and remove their consequences, but also constitutes an immanent element of shaping dignity and development, various aspects can be distinguished. Their multiplicity and complexity was discussed in March 2018 during the Scientific Seminar on Contemporary Challenges of Security Education, organised by the Department of Security Education of the National Security Faculty of the War Studies University in Warsaw within the walls of the University. A measurable result of this scientific meeting is this special issue of Security and Defence Quarterly. The aim of this special issue is not only to show multidimensional and multidirectional threats, but also challenges, and above all, various cognitive and practical perspectives of education for security. It has been prepared for all readers of the civil and military environment whose research interests oscillate around education for security [by Ilona Urych, War Studies University, Poland].

Deadline: 1 September, 2018.

Guest Editors:
Remigiusz Wiśniewski, Pawel Wlodkowic University College, Poland
Dorota Domalewska, War Studies University, Poland

Published papers: Volume 21 Issue 4, 2018

Table of Contents

Part 1: Security Education for a Modern Society

Andrzej Pieczywok: Security Education in Dangerous Times

Krzysztof Drabik: The Subjective Dimension of Security Education

Part 2: Higher Military Education

Anne Holohan, Justyna Pyz, Kamila Trochowska: Gaming For Peace: Gender Awareness Training and The Polish Military

Nebojsa Nikolic: Strengthening Defence Research As Part Of Higher Military Education For Future Security Challenges

Przemysław Wywiał: Military Education For Students Within The Framework of The Academic Legion: A Pilot Project

Part 3: Security Education in Basic Education Curriculum

Bogdan Grenda, Andrzej Soboń: National Defence Training of Public Administration Personnel in Poland

Barbara Drapikowska: Students’ Opinions About The Subject of Security Education in Upper Secondary Schools

Marlena Zadorożna: Forms of Security Education in Poland. Selected Examples
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